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 2 of the 4 tow vehicles and 1 of the 4 cargo trailers setup specially to transport pool tables,billiard tables and Snooker Tables safely in the 55 Counties in Georgia that Mike's Billiard Supplies and Crating provides service to.

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United States Pool Table Installers Association

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07. If your Pool Table needs to be Re-felted, what color would you like? Example: Green
08. Does your pool table need to be Re-cushioned? Example: The cushions on the rails are dead.
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09. Will you need any Billiard Accessories. If so please list below? Example: Chalk, Cone Chalk, Table Cover, New Cues, New Balls.
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11. Does your pool table need to be moved? Example: I'm moving from Thomasville, Georgia to St. Mary’s, Georgia
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12. If your pool table needs to be moved, what is the move to address?
13. Are you moving out of the State of Georgia? Do you need your pool table disassemble and the slates crated?
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14. What day of the week and start time would you like these services provided? Example: Tuesday, 09 April 2019 at 08:00 in the morning.

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Championship Cloth Color Charts, Titan and Tour Edition

Simonis Cloth Chart Simonis Billiard Cloth Color Chart

The Sea Shepherds have been at war with the Japanese Whaling Fleet sense 1981.

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 You need an answer that is pool and billiard related Just ask for Mike. Mike has played in 25 National Championships and has been a Senior National Referee for 11 years.

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A number of the Men including Mike, that works for Mikes Billiard Supplies are Combat Veterans, Mike believe in hiring the Veteran first before anyone else.

 If you would like to know about what is going on with the Military, check this out.

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