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Pool Table Removal:
Itís to old, no one plays on it anymore, cannot sell it, donít have time to sell it, donít want to spend the time answering the phone about the old pool table, itís just time to get rid of it. Simple answer, give Mike's Pool Table Removal Service a call 1-800-887-2630. We will remove it and dispose of your unwanted pool table.

Of all the items that people want collected and taken away from their homes, a pool table removal could be the one that poses the greatest problem, a 1000 lbs worth of problem. Pool tables are very large items that often are were difficult to get inside your home in the first place. So itís logistics that it would be difficult to get out.

No Pool Table Removal for The Sanitation Department:
For sure your local sanitation department will not be equipped for handling a 1000 lb item like an old pool table. You'll need to call in the proís. If you leave a discarded pool table around in your yard or garage, ratís, mice and snakes and god knows what else will use it for a home which could pose a danger to loved ones and pets.

Pool Table Removal Can Be Dangerous Result in Personal Injury:
Never try and lift an object such as a pool table when trying to remove if from your home. Lifting a 1000 lb object can result in serious and permanent injury to your feet, back, neck and fingers or even hernia of your internal organs. All of these conditions may eventually require expensive surgery to correct.

Inexpensive Effective Pool Table Removal:

GMG 2004 Tow vehicle and a 14' cargo trailer setup specially to transport pool tables, billiard tables and snooker tables safely includes all of the following - 85 - Georgia Counties.

It is so much cheaper and easier when the professionals take care of your pool table removal for you. Almost before you know it, that problem pool table that has been on your mind for while, will be long gone! Mike's Pool Table Removal Service are experienced unwanted pool table removal experts. Give us a call us today.

08 July 2011

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